Monarchy, Democracy, Gansters...
Carlos Abarca 



Humbugs, Swindlers and Gangsters

In April 2010 I have started mailing to every European  institutions a letter, inviting them to enter into my webpage:
and have them knowing the true Spanish Democracy (?), in relation to myself, as a first step to report before a foreign Court the abuse, attempts to homicide and the systematic disrepute of my person and to make evident that this democratic regime  is just a convenient make-up put towards other countries, and that it is at heart just the legitimated prolongation of the dictatorship, and that whoever support it, thinking it the lesser evil, they prefer to ignore it because they just do not care. 
The flagrant irony is that Spain is the first to denounce other Political Systems when they infringe Freedom and Human Rights, while any infringements happening here are left unpunished.    Shamelessness, evil, incompetence and old friend network working are the identification marks of this country who is still anchored in the traditional usages of  hurting the helpless and of protecting the aggressor because of his/her/their name o identity.
With respect to the morbid behaviour of most people, it is similar to how Nazis manipulated the public against the Jews before and during the Second World War.  First, they were found guilty of the most incredible crimes and the people were awakened against them.  And you know how things ended.    I only want to remark how easy is to manipulate people in general and have them collaborating with criminals, when the contamination means are the proper ones.

President R. Zapatero (a self-acknowledged agnostic) travelled to the United States to pray next to President Obama.  He does not realise that even God would not be able to solve the problems of this country.  Although it is suspected that his true reason for travelling is to appear next to President Obama in the News, even if he is to be praying.  If the American President were a nudist, we soon would see Mr. R. Zapatero next to him full naked.

As Spanish Diplomatic successes are more recurring than a badly-cured blennorrhagia, we have another one: the solution of the ALAKRANA fishing ship hijacking.  Hijackers asked for Two Million Dollars and, after some hard and intelligent diplomatic negotiations and diplomatic pressure, they were paid Four Millions to prevent the sailors' despairing relatives from committing Hara-Kiri.
For any later hijacking/kidnapping they have the most perfect solution and answer: Kidnapping?  What hijacking?.   They are just Spanish tourists or priests in Somalia, or wherever.

On October 20th, 2009, I brought a complaint at the Courts in Madrid (Plaza de Castilla) in which I denounced the main suspect as the causer or executor of the many problems that I have endured from long time.  Offences, persecutions, falsehoods, crimes and abuses that I have never committed.  In my writ I ask the Court to serve José María Ruiz Mateos and have him confirming (or denying) his many actions against myself.  To do this, he has made use, among others, of different General Practitioners and Analysis Labs, the names of whom I have included in my different complaints. 
I have brought them because they have faked the test results of a condition which, if it gets worse, may end in my death.  I believe that the main (but not the only) suspect is guilty of  attempted homicide.  To prevent those health complications, although some of them have already happened (hydatid cysts), I am on daily drugs when I can get them.  It seems that, apart from drugs, surgery may be needed as well.  All of this would have been avoided if, when I asked for my first test, Practitioners and Analysts had acted as such and not as pigs, and the infection would have been cured.   I am talking of a year ago, for the moment.
I am ready to speak out about a gangster conspiration and about the influence of people who have conditioned or even threatened Medicine professionals, Labs, etc. to have their manipulations unproved or who have bribed them through money or fear, or who have just awoken their  enemity towards myself setting me as the author of some assumed, unproved and non-existing crimes.

In this foul and Rocambolesque design an American citizen, Jeannette L. Gardner, has taken part,  who could have put an end to this situation in 2002, as she was in my debt because I had helped her to escape from a  prostitution activity in which she had got involved many years ago in Barcelona (Spain).   This woman is the mother of actress Cameron Diaz and she was bribed with a generous amount of millions of Dollars (more than six millions then, when a Dollar was 1.20 Euro) for her silence.   Such a “largesse” shows clearly that having the scheme uncovered at that time was a risk for all the actors, with terrible consequences for them and their untouchable protectors, collaborators and friends, and that it could have proved that the same methods and characters of Franco's days were still working in these so-called democratic days. 

There is not a Spanish president to whom I have not forwarded by express mail a detailed and direct information on this matter.  As well as to ALL Newspapers, TV Broadcasting stations, Trade-unions, and Political Parties.  Results: Indifference, fear, sinecures, or who knows what. 
Nobody is talking.   They want to hush up this matter in case the fragile pillars on which our democracy is based do fall down, as fragile as the pillars on which the Economy of Spain is founded, which is setting us once again in the place, among the European countries, which we have won by our incompetence and impudence.  Up till now they ARE TALKING of 4-5 millions of unemployed.  It is not so bad.    
Past mistakes, injustices and abuses are conditioning Spain's present, like present mistakes will condition future times, and,  which is most amazing, with the direct or indirect approval of most of the Spanish population, who instead of living in Spain seem to be living OUT OF THIS WORLD.
The same wolves and sheeps as before.  And when sheeps bleat too much, they are slaughtered teaching, thus, where their place is to the meek and bootlicker herds.
In short, the same Spain of Ever. 

NUEVA RUMASA/José Mari Ruiz Mateos, the criminal, attacks once again.
I have watched in TV some commercials paid by the Nueva Rumasa Company, the heir of the deceased, buried, seized and vanished RUMASA (one of the worst financial cracks or failures of recent history in Spain).   If we take into account the financial skills of this guy, which have enabled him to come out of prison smiling from a 3-year sentence IN JUST A WEEK,  I am sure that he will come out of this new “business” laughing and with full pockets. I, however, do not know if inversors will smile much.  It seems that it is also working in the United States.  So, you better get ready.
Myself, I am already laughing.
And every time the sun rises, dummies keep growing.

FALLING BACK ON OLD WAYS: How to remove somebody in a natural or accidental way, while suggesting he is suffering from some mental disorder.

January 2009:  A dish of glass canned vegetables contaminated. Almost immediate indisposition and disastrous consequences next morning.  Expulsion of blood and mucus in faeces, and plenty of small (3mm long and 2mm wide) white eggs.
I took a sample to an Analysis Lab plus a small glass  bottle with water and some bugs.  I do not know if they were  amoeba, helminthes or whatever they were.  Test results: NO FINDINGS, in spite of the clear samples.
Symptomatology proceeds and there is liver inflammation, spleen pain and incapacity to carry my normal physiological functions.
I tried some other tests to discover which infection was, and although I brought thosee bugs, already grown some centimetres, plus faeces with many “samples”, I was told:  No findings.
I started filing complaints at the Courts.  With no results.
I have recorded samples in video, and I keep in the freezer a dozen of airtight pharmaceutical containers filled with  these UNFINDED bacteria, amoeba, helminthes, etc., to be submitted at the proper time.
I feel the usual infection troubles (hydatid cysts). To survive (since the situation is getting worse), I start a treatment on antihelminths and anti-protozoans.  Troubles stopped and even decreased.  I continue with the treatment.
To heal (it seems that a surgery may be needed), I will have to leave Spain.
Meanwhile, Ms. Jeannette L. Gardner (the mother of American actress Cameron Diaz), whom I believe to be an accomplice of an attempt of homicide, is enjoying her “well-earned” bribe, that has improved very much her former living style.  And she is also an accomplice of gangster José Mari R.M.'s hoaxes and accusations to justify her vile behaviour.
As it is obvious that the Courts of my country are not competent to hear the facts fairly,  it is clear that I have to bring my legal action out of Spain.

The above, plus what I explain below proves the existence of a conspiration, for more than 50 years.  All a life mediatized by a group of bastard mentally diseased gangsters, traffickers and sons of a bitch.   Everything is TRUE, I can tell you and even prove it.



Spain.  Year 1934, the FALANGE founding date.  My father joined this political organisation that same year.
In 1938, the Republic jailed my father in a ship in the Port of Barcelona; it seems that every death convict was sent there.  However, some days later (I keep ALL the proving papers and his documentation and Falange member card, and his later credential as an ex-prisoner) he is released.

In 1940 we were living in Barcelona  (Spain).  In a drawer of his office table my father kept an ASTRA pistol, loaded and with a bullet in the chamber (it was still there in 1947 and in 1950).  I used to play unlocking it but I never thought in aiming the pistol or in pulling the trigger, because I am not an idiot.  Therefore, I do not believe in “accidents” with guns that fire away and “accidentally” shatter the brains of someone else, specially when the person who has provoked the accident profits from it.

From 1952 to 1955, we lived in Tangier (Morocco) for three years.   In Tangier, the Pre-Independence movements had damaged the economic stability of the area.  Since my father had lost almost all wealth there, we returned to Spain. 
Prior to our return to Spain, some people came who affirmed to have contacts in the Spanish Ministry of Defence, concretely within the Air Force Ministry, and were able to sell them thousands of life preservers, a business that would save our family from the economical ruin.   The approacher was a so-called ex-bullfighter Martín Agüero.  I am not saying the name of the  Ministry contact person.  My father took several trips and delivered the sample life preservers several times. Some time later, the  sample life preservers were returned because they were not of interest.   It is clear that those samples carried inside something else, as shown by the next instance.  My father did not get much from the experience, only new expenses and disappointments.  Those who profited were the same pigs than ever, with no risks.

Late 1955.  My father was a works contractor, a builder, and his building materials and bathroom appliances supplier was called José Bonvilá, whom is much known by the Spanish Police nowadays because of his North-African drug-traffic activities (in those times nobody suspected much).  He made my father a proposal to carry for  free some pieces of our  furniture to Spain if we brought to Spain as our own many other electrical  household appliances,  among them an American Admiral green refrigerator, that were hard to buy in Spain in that time.   The carrier company: Gil Stauffer.   As soon as the goods arrived in Madrid, Bonvilá's partner, called Llorente, came to get them.  When I found that once again they had taken advantage of my father (I was then 16 years old), I refused to hand the fridge over.  From then on, threatening calls and some personal threats, which have never affected me.  The situation lasted for several years.
My parents wanted nothing to do with the matter.

Some years later the fridge was worn out.  I try to repair it and when I removed the inner panels, I found inside two plastic bags filled with a white dust, weighting appr. one kg each, and several plastic-wrapped rectangular video-tape-sized packages, filled with some kind of pressed green leaves.    Some of those packets were damaged and smelled badly.  I threw all of it into the garbage can.  
It may seem to have been the worst option but it is not.  I could have sold the material (and become another criminal).  Or I could have brought the consignment to the police, who with their “expeditious” methods would have found my father guilty to save other responsibilities.  Or I could have delivered the drug to the sons of a bitch who had made use of us to bring it over at no risk for them. I do not want to think if the customs agents had been luckier and had arrested my 67-year-old father, already depressed by his economic ruin.  Thus the “material” ended where it ought to, in the garbage can.

The '70s.  A relative suffering from an advanced Parkinson was taken to the “La Paz” Hospital.  I was surprised by the staff behaviour.  My relative foresaw something, held onto my hand and asked me not to leave him.  I was forced to leave him by the Hospital Security Personnel.  In two hours we were told to take him away: with wide open eyes and in an unconscious state, from which he never awoke.   Soon afterwards he died.

Year 1977.  My father suffered a brain effusion.  We took him to a Hospital on Doce de Octubre  street (I think it was called the “Francisco Franco” hospital” then).  They took him away. As they did not inform us, I kept asking about him. They told me that there were no any empty rooms at that moment and that he was on a corridor (where the medical staff and other patients were constantly going through).  I was surprised when I saw my father on a hospital trolley, naked and wrists and ankles bound.  Angry I asked the nurse, who told me that he was in no condition to be  aware.   I only got her to cover him partially with a sheet.  My father became conscious in part but could not speak.  He moaned and pointed to his ties wanting to have them removed ... 
I made them to untie him  and then they led me “gently” to the hospital door.  Later on they told me that he was bound because he had become insane.   His X-rays showed that he had suffered a brain effusion.  A few days later, I took him home where he recovered in part.  A year later, as usual in these cases, he died at home, where he was well cared for mainly by my mother, and by myself.

Year 1984.   My mother suffered a respiratory failure but she could move and I took her to a hospital on Honduras street in Madrid.  The staff dissembled their hostility and they told us not to worry.  They took her to the Intensive Care Unit.  Dr. Vivar was the person in charge.  Later on, three or four hours later, they told us that a vomit had blocked her respiratory track.  Some thick rubber tubes came out from her mouth (she was awake and she moaned painfully and pointed to have them removed).  Her pain was evident.  I told the medical staff.  Their answer was that she was UNCONSCIOUS, that she did not feel anything ... and with the same set threat they turned me out of the room.  It was the last time I saw her alive. In just 24 hours she died.  My siblings were in charge of her and I was not able to act as I did with my father, when they told me he was my responsibility.

Year 2002. December.  From a sexual relation with a South American prostitute, I got infected with staphylococci .
Symptoms: Loss of balance, sharp pain in spleen and liver, a slight breath insufficiency, bloody eyes, ... all of them in less than 24 hours from the relation.
I keep all and every one of the clinical analysis from that moment till now, much to the embarrassment of the medical class, and I have some true results and many other fake ones.
Fed up with fake analysis, I submitted to new tests in a Clinical Analysis Lab in Madrid under a different name and Identity Card.  The result was staphylococci.  I repeated the test under my own name and Identity Card and the result is No staphylococci.
I travelled to Mexico D.F. and another test showed the existence of staphylococci aurei.  Other tests made in other Labs proved it as well. The antibiotics that cure this infection, however, are for hospital use only, and they deny the results and refuse to give me the antibiotics.  I survive taking some wide-range antibiotics which I can purchase and which keep me barely healthy.

The  Jeannette L. Gardner Affair:

In 1970 I met by chance a North American woman.
We were together for some (few) hours, from 8:00 in the evening till 11-12:00 at night.
We left each other as friends and exchanged our respective phone numbers.
Some days later I got to know that she was in a notorious Bar, Cafeteria Nuria (which nowadays is very different) in Las Ramblas, next to Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona (Spain). 
The thing is that thanks to my intervention (I scared three pimp apprentices), she was able to escape from a fate, which I assume could have been very cruel.
And she escaped thus from the trouble she had entangled herself.
Taking advantage of her assumed gratitude, I planned a trap to uncover the dirty manipulations of Vips and Gangsters.  The trap worked well, but instead of releasing me from that trash and getting a HUGE indemnity for the two of us, she accepted several millions of dollars as a bribe, leaving me in a much worse situation than before.
Because they now know that I can be dangerous.
Her being Cameron Diaz' mother is not of interest for me.  If I had not acted, she would have ended differently because she was a very attractive blond woman, and her kind was scarce in Spain in the '70s, unless they were foreign tourists, and she would have been a good business for those pimps, who I doubt would have left her alone.

In Marblehead Police Station, near Boston, Massachusetts, they have several faxes which I have sent and which can prove my good behaviour because before disclosing this dark period in the life of this lady, I tried to have her on my side.  She had two options: to be on my side or in that of those bastards, gangsters and criminals.  She has chosen the second one.

If I had known this, I would not entered in that Bar to  risk my neck for her.
To top it, it seems that she is saying that I was one of the guys that were taking “advantage” of her.  That's the last straw ...
I hope that she rectifies her statement as soon as possible, as well as another one in which she affirms that I am connected to her oldest daughter's paternity.

Other ideas:

If the previous prosperous economic situation of Spain was thought to be due to the success of the Monarchy, it would be fair to think that present economic failings are due to the same Institution too.

When I call doctors names, I am talking about those who pressed on or bribed by a group of gangsters have acted in such a manner as to attempt against my health and life

What has happened to me, and still goes on, is not a strange case. It seems that in Greece, when the Greek Monarchy was in Power, the same thing happened to some “lucky” Greek citizens. Perhaps, the Greek Premier, Mr. Papandreu, knows some similar case. As the old saying goes, when donkeys are bored, they drive flies away with their tails, and kick. We ought to get rid of some donkeys